Cuisinart, a leading manufacturer of cooking appliances and products, was looking to build their mailing list and gain followers on Facebook. So they turned to Viewbix to help.

Choosing to use our Classic player, Cuisinart branded it in their colors, uploaded a logo, set the main CTA button to enable in-player mailing list sign up, and added an app to direct viewers to their Facebook page. They also used the bottom logo feature to create an additional call-to-action driving viewers to their online store.

In just minutes, Cuisinart had a slick, focused, and effective player. They were thrilled with the results:

  • 3.2% of video viewers submitted their email addresses in the forms inside the video
  • 7.1% of video viewers clicked a call to action and visited Cuisinart’s product pages
  • 23.8% of video viewers “Liked” Cuisinart’s FB page


Kaltura, the only open-source video platform, turned to Viewbix to help promote their annual conference, Kaltura Connect. Using our VAST capabilities (available only on our full-service Enterprise plans), they applied Viewbix branding, CTAs, and interactive apps to their own player.

Not simply settling for just a video about the conference, Kaltura used Viewbix apps and branding capabilities to get the word out about the conference, schedule, venue, and last—but not least—drive viewers to the registration page. All of the most important pieces of information from the website were brought into the player, along with a clear call-to-action. By enabling the Viewbix-enhanced video to do the heavy lifting, Kaltura made getting the word out and driving sign-ups a breeze.



Green Smoke

Green Smoke is one of the world’s leading E-Cigarette companies. When designing their affiliate program, they searched fo a more effective way to exploit the power of their videos for their affiliate marketers. Viewbix has a solution for that. Utilizing the multiple calls-to-action available on our players, affiliates are able to increase their distribution opportunities and ways to generate commissions.