Cuisinart, a leading manufacturer of cooking appliances and products, was looking to build their mailing list and gain followers on Facebook. So they turned to Viewbix to help.

Choosing to use our Classic player, Cuisinart branded it in their colors, uploaded a logo, set the main CTA button to enable in-player mailing list sign up, and added an app to direct viewers to their Facebook page. They also used the bottom logo feature to create an additional call-to-action driving viewers to their online store.

In just minutes, Cuisinart had a slick, focused, and effective player. They were thrilled with the results:

  • 3.2% of video viewers submitted their email addresses in the forms inside the video
  • 7.1% of video viewers clicked a call to action and visited Cuisinart’s product pages
  • 23.8% of video viewers “Liked” Cuisinart’s FB page


Kaltura, the only open-source video platform, turned to Viewbix to help promote their annual conference, Kaltura Connect. Using our VAST capabilities (available only on our full-service Enterprise plans), they applied Viewbix branding, CTAs, and interactive apps to their own player.

Not simply settling for just a video about the conference, Kaltura used Viewbix apps and branding capabilities to get the word out about the conference, schedule, venue, and last—but not least—drive viewers to the registration page. All of the most important pieces of information from the website were brought into the player, along with a clear call-to-action. By enabling the Viewbix-enhanced video to do the heavy lifting, Kaltura made getting the word out and driving sign-ups a breeze.



eBay Israel


eBay’s Israeli Business Unit (BU), wanted to use video to drive traffic to product landing pages during the 2014 holiday season. The goals were to increase traffic to specific product category landing pages and increase sales using product videos from top Israeli eBay sellers.


Viewbix’s custom video player was the perfect solution for eBay’s Israeli BU, because of its ability to increase viewers’ engagement with video ads through call to action overlays. Viewbix’s video player used different calls-to-action inside the player for both mobile and desktop viewers, and also matched the look-and-feel to that of eBay’s brand.

The video player was successful in driving traffic to eBay’s landing pages thanks to the Viewbix-powered clickthrough buttons taking viewers to its homepage.  The team used Viewbix’s analytics mid-stream to optimize the campaign, leading to significantly higher results. In the two first week of the campaign, engagement rates on the bottom banner were delivering 11% engagement. The team revised the bottom banner mid-campaign and the new banner delivered a rate of engagement of 21%, resulting in a 103% increase.


CBS Television


CBS Television Distribution’s “The Dr. Phil Show” has been running since 2002 and has focused on discussing important social issues, helping thousands of people over the last decade.  The show has a loyal and strong fan-case but the digital team wanted to find new ways to garner show participants and increase their viewership through social media advertising.


”Dr. Phil” turned to Viewbix for its ability to add custom overlays to it’s social video ads. Overlays can appear while a video is playing and can include clickable branded text or icons that present a call to action or promotion. The “Dr. Phil” team customized their promotional messaging to drive participant signups within the same screen. Through its ability to increase viewer engagement with interactive video ads, Viewbix is able to connect and engage with viewers in far more valuable ways than a simple view. Utilizing banners, in-video player sign-up forms, and customized branding, “Dr. Phil” found it easy to boost engagement and—most importantly—their video’s ROI.


For three weeks, “Dr. Phil” ran more than a dozen Facebook ad campaigns, including those utilizing Viewbix’s video player. Over the course of the advertising campaign, they found that Viewbix generated a 30%-higher CTR than the average across the rest of the campaign that didn’t have the interactive features added. And they were able to do this at an approximately 15%-cheaper CPC.

“ Since the Dr. Phil Show often covers issues that are personal in nature, we are continually seeking new ways to engage our audience. Viewbix allowed us to connect with our audience, while at the same time spending significantly less than usual to do so on a cost per engagement basis. We are pleased with the results and are looking forward to incorporating Viewbix’s interactive player into future campaigns. ”

Danny Gallagher
Senior Manager, Digital Development & Syndication